Ingredients of Lunexia Sleep Aid

The major reason for the high-effectiveness of Lunexia is its ingredients. The supplement uses a wide array of substances, perfectly blended to provide unique sleep promoting benefits.

Here’s a full list of Lunexia ingredients and their functions in the sleep cycle of the human body.

-          Melatonin, a naturally produced hormone controls the sleep cycle. When melatonin levels in the body increase, a person feels drowsy. The action of this ingredient thus promotes sleep and that’s why it’s used in many sleep supplements.

-          5-HTP is a feel-good hormone that reduces anxiety. It’s a precursor to melatonin. It is also accountable to elevating mood, an action that induces deep sleep.

-          L-Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid is also used in Lunexia. Like 5-HTP, it elevates mood, reduces depression, and promotes deep, satisfying sleep.

-          L-Tryptophan is used to treat mild insomnia, anxiety and depression. In Lunexia, it’s used to decrease wakefulness and thus promote a longer sleep.

-          Valerian root is a substance used generally for treating insomnia. It reduces the time taken to fall asleep in addition to reducing mental stress and anxiety.

-          Goji, an ingredient known to affect sleep pattern. It is responsible for Lunexia’s ability to regulate sleep cycle and helping the body get back to its regular sleep pattern.

-          Passion fruit is known to cure insomnia since it has alkaloids with sedative properties.

-          L-Taurine is a substance that calms the Central Nervous System (CNS) and promotes relaxation.

-          Hops, a sedative used to make Lunexia, reduces nocturnal activity and thus reduces sleeplessness.

-          Calcium is known to promote uninterrupted sleep and maintain regular sleeping patterns by improving REM sleep.

-          Magnesium is also present in Lunexia sleeping aid. It’s provided because its deficiency can cause one to wake up amidst sleep.

-          Vitamin B6 causes serotonin levels to increase and helps to regulate sleep patterns.

-          Other ingredients in Lunexia include Lemon Balm, St. John’s wort, Gaba, skullcap (relaxes muscles), Ashwagandha (reduces worrying and anxiety) and Inositol (stops mind from racing).

Evidently, the collective action of these ingredients results to achievement of quality sleep. When you use Lunexia, you’ll stop sleep deprivation quickly and start enjoying the full benefits of quality sleep.