How To Get Back in Shape in 1 Month

Have you been on a vacation and you end up gaining some weight? Now you must be looking for some quick weight loss method to get smart body with lean belly diet. Following nutritionist’s words is something that can transform you into a fit person. Get ready to be more flexible and energetic. The path may be hard but it is going to be a journey that you won’t forget. Forget eating junks and be more cautious. You can read more here.

The Calorie saver

You know how important it is to have an adequate supply of calorie in your body if you are on weight loss journey then lean belly diet is a good option to go for. The habit of eating frequently in a good amount can give you raising numbers on the weight machine. The protein takes care of your desire for food craving and eating frequently. In the beginning, it keeps you full for a longer time than any other nutrient. Slowing down the rate of metabolism, protein saves calories and helps in losing weight.

Altering weight regulating hormone level

It is related to your brains function. The brain is the master of all and the main powerhouse that regulates all the kinds of actions inside our body. Unwillingly you do the same thing that your brain tells you with the help of hypothalamus. There is a hunger hormone called Ghrelin and altering the levels of it protein reduces your carbs and fat intake. In short protein intake will reduce the levels of carbs. It will increase the level of GLP-1 and cholecystokinin which are referred as a satiety hormone. This leads to major changes in hunger desire.  After some time you will find you are becoming less reluctant to quick snacks. This is just great. You are decreasing your weight by altering your food habits. It acts really well on those people who have desires for late night snacks. The evening snack is the main enemy of anyone trying to get rid of the extra mass. Protein is known to have mass gaining effects and ideal weight loss starts from this.


What happens to food in my body?

Every part of the human body needs sufficient energy to carry out its daily assignment. The source of this energy is the food we eat. These explain why nutritionist emphasis on a balanced diet for every individual. After eating the food, it is mixed with fluids present in our stomach (enzymes and acids). After the digestion process, the different supplements (protein, carbohydrate, minerals etc.) are absorbed into the body system for use. But the carbohydrate does not end there. It is further broken down into glucose, a species of sugar. The sugar enters the blood stream and circulates round the body. As it circulates, the different organs take their share including the brain. Some of it is stored as glycogen in the liver for energy purpose.

The fate of the left overs


When the daily source of energy or calorie available in the blood stream is much more than the average needed, the remnants are simply stored in the form of fat in fat cells. This is what is referred to as excess fat which leads to weight gain. In simple terms when the source of energy (food) intake is in excess of the energy expended, the extra calories (sugar, glucose) are converted and stored as fat.

By following all above tricks you can get back to normal weight within a month only!